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A Primer on the Global Economy

The BBC has a great primer on the global economy, especially the Eurozone. Through a series of 60-second video clips, they explain the IMF, how banks go bust, quantitative easing, and the role of the ECB. They also have several articles that tackle those and similar subjects in both the Eurozone and the world economy. Very straightforward, nonpartisan information, and recommended for those who are a bit confused when reading today’s headlines.

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Finding the Language That Generates the Alarm…

Via Marginal Revolution:

Larry Summers speaking at IMF/World Bank meeting:

The challenge is “finding the language that generates [the] alarm that drives action, but not the despair that proves self-fulfilling.”

The WSJ continues:

Attempting to sound reassuring, he said, “These are solvable problems.” His audience didn’t look reassured.

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