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DC Lottery Sinks to a New Low

I saw this advertisement at a bus stand on my way to work. It’s for a Dubble Bubble scratch-and-sniff lottery ticket. I’m not making this up.

As if the lottery – a tax on the poor and hopeless – wasn’t shameful and harmful enough, the DC Lottery Board now appears to be advertising to the children of the poor and hopeless.

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What Shall I Do With My Pet Wolf?

Get it out of DC.

Last week, an Ohio man who owned an exotic animal preserve freed 56 wild animals, including lions, tigers and wolves, before killing himself. Citing the imminent danger to the community, police shot and killed 49 of the animals.

The incident got us to thinking — what exactly are the rules in the District when it comes to owning non-standard pets? Would a resident be able to keep a lion, tiger, coyote or flamingo in their backyard?

The simple answer is no, according to D.C. law:

[N]o person shall import into the District, possess, display, offer for sale, trade, barter, exchange, or adoption, or give as a household pet any living member of the animal kingdom including those born or raised in captivity, except the following: domestic dogs (excluding hybrids with wolves, coyotes, or jackals), domestic cats (excluding hybrids with ocelots or margays), domesticated rodents and rabbits, captive-bred species of common cage birds, nonpoisonous snakes, fish, and turtles, traditionally kept in the home for pleasure rather than for commercial purposes, and racing pigeons (when kept in compliance with permit requirements).There are a few exceptions, of course. Zoos, permitted circuses and federally licensed animal exhibitors, for one. Wildlife rehabilitators and vets can also have exotic animals on hand, but only “for treatment or pending appropriate disposition.” Finally, the law grandfathers in anyone who owned “domestic dog hybrids of wolves, coyotes, or jackals” prior to March 17, 1993.

I’m old enough to remember when this was a free country.*



*March 16, 1993.

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For Bacon Lovers in DC

You have four days left.

While the general bacon/pork loving in DC is a well known and often told story but RESTAURANT 3’s Week Of Bacon (which kicks off next week, but I figured you could use use some fasting warning time to prepare for it) takes it to a whole new (and affordable at that) level of pig worship/gluttony.



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