Sous vide salmon with Nathan Myhrvold

Surely, somewhere within the 2,000-odd pages, there must be simple, accessible techniques to make real food taste better — or at least easier to cook.

So I issued Mr. Myhrvold a challenge. Which of his modernist dishes could I whip up for a dinner party without having to buy any new equipment or bizarre ingredients (like low-acyl gellan and sodium tripolyphosphate, which are sprinkled throughout the book’s recipes like so much salt and pepper). Mr. Myhrvold would teach me the dishes, then I would recreate them for my guinea pigs — I mean, party guests.

They also make gin-infused celery, pan-seared, oven-baked steaks, and pressure-cooked squash.

Source and accompanying video.


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One response to “Sous vide salmon with Nathan Myhrvold

  1. Thanks for linking to the newspaper article. You may want to spell Nathan’s name correctly though (myhRvold).

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