Death to Pennies!

They make a good case, and I’m frankly without a counter-argument.

As additional evidence: I have a jar of change on my shelf that once in a while I use to recharge my metro card. It only takes a minute or so to drop several dollars of quarters, dimes, and nickels in the slot but the machines don’t accept pennies. Those continue to accumulate. Once in a while I’ll head to the convenient store one the corner to buy a single item in a pinch – paper towels, flour, a sponge – and will bring that jar with me. If there is NO ONE behind me in line I will try to pay as much in pennies as possible. But I’d prefer not to do that, which is why we should kill the penny.


H/T The Atlantic


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One response to “Death to Pennies!

  1. Ernesto

    So, Kill the Penny, Use more dollar coins, Prepare Abe for a hyperinflation denomination (I kid) and Bring on a VAT (while killing income tax). I’m pretty much on board at least for the debate.

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