Saif Qaddafi to the Hague?

Joshua Keating at FP cites the following from the ICC:

An NTC source said on Thursday that Saif al-Islam wanted an aircraft, possibly arranged by a neighbouring country, to take him out of Libya’s southern desert and into ICC custody.

Under such a deal, Saif al-Islam would be taken to The Hague where the ICC shares a detention unit with the UN Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal and the special court for Sierra Leone, where the former Liberian president Charles Taylor is on trial.

Keating then notes that the ICC is so backed up Saif will spend years in jail before a final verdict. I agree with his conclusion:

I’d still much rather see Saif al-Islam brought to trial than gunned down in a ditch, but it’s safe to say that Libya’s new rulers might not be satisfied with the idea of him spending the next decade playing board games with Ratko Mladic.


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One response to “Saif Qaddafi to the Hague?

  1. Does he (Saif) has an alternative? He will be hunted down as a trophy from his hideout or asylum. He can surrender to ICC, never mind the humdrum over requesting an aircraft, merely for buying time, which is closing fast on him!

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