OMG, not OMG!

Tom Ricks at Best Defense shares:

My favorite new (at least to me) government acronym is used in a new FBI report on gang activity. It is OMG, for “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.”
This raises a bunch of new possibilities. What’s next, STFU for “Security Transition Force Uniforms”? SHIT for “Super High Income Transactions”?
(HT to NGIC and SWJ)


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One response to “OMG, not OMG!

  1. Latin died a conservative’s death
    Sanskrit of ancient Hindus wasn’t off afar
    A language mutates and evolves as a lingo to linger
    Yet make no mistake about e-language
    Be an acronym or a homophone, a word doesn’t alter its way
    As u ceases not 2 b you and 2mrw not bcum 2day.

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