Obama Offers More Support for the Protesters?

Colin Monahan from the NYT reported this morning from the OWS protests in NY for ABC’s “This Week.” In the background was an inverted American flag.


As of this writing, the “Drudge Report” leads with the headline, “Obama Offers More Support to the Protesters.”

Supporting a group, that while possessing the same frustrations as ordinary Americas also has a strong anti-capitalist and anti-American bent, is not smart politics for a president running a reelection campaign. OWS is protesting so their voices are heard. The more their voices are heard – and then what? – the more politicians will have to lend support or offer rebuke. Republicans will welcome disquiet among the Left. It could possibly fracture their vote while offending the moderate middle of the electorate, of whom few support protestors with bandanas across their faces and American flags under their feet. Obama may try to harness this frustration as energy in his campaign, but it is a difficult maneuver. He must use his pulpit to define the narrative of his campaign. “We Are All Frustrated” just doesn’t have the same ring as “Hope and Change.”


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